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Prorad offers an up to date compact design with all the style and quality of more expensive radiators.

Heavy duty packaging including corner cartons, plus generous bubble wrap, is designed to protect from damage during transportation and installation.

Their slim design and factory fitted end panels and top grills give them solid construction and modern, contemporary appearance.

All accessories and fixings are included, and they come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Custom Radiators

All radiators can be custom fabricated to suit different wall types in your home, such as bay windows, whether that be curved, or angled, bay wall construction. A template is made to the wall on which the radiator is to be mounted, and the radiator of your choice is fabricated to match. This can be done to both single and double panel radiators if required.

Please contact for more information on the custom radiator process and pricing. 

Designer Radiators

There are near endless variations of style, colour, shapes, sizes and materials in designer radiators available to suit every taste, location and requirement. The Radiator Company supply the largest range in the UK and can cater for every need in the designer market.

A few examples of the radiators available are shown right, and the full Radiator Company brochure can be downloaded by clicking the P.D.F link below.

Some of the radiator materials/styles available are, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Cast Iron, Contemporary, Convector, Column, Towel Rail and many many more. 

In the brochure you'll find listed the full range of materials, styles, sizes, and colours available and designs. All of these can be sized, supplied and fitted to suit your requirements.

Every radiator should be sized determined by the heat requirements (and obviously wall space available), of the room in which it is to be installed, in order to be able to maintain the design temperature of the room in which it is installed. This is all part of the service, please contact for further details.  

(This may take up to 30 seconds as it's quite a large file)


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