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What is Magnetic Filtration?

Magnetic filtration is the removal of 'sludge' from heating systems by means of a filter that is magnetic. This 'sludge' is actually iron oxide (see the detailed explanation on the powerflushing page), which is magnetic. The filter will collect this suspended iron oxide, as it passes through the filter. The filter is then cleaned at the time of the annual boiler service. - Therefore removing it from the system, helping prevent harmful blockages, and improving/maintaining efficiency.

Adey Magnaclean Pro 2

Our filter of choice is the Magnaclean Pro 2 filter. Magnaclean were the original developers of magnetic filtration in the heating industry, and continue to be the best in our opinion.

Magnacleanse Filter

We also use a Magnacleanse Filter, which forms part of our powerflushing system/process. This is essentially an industrial version of the Magnaclean filter, which begins removing iron oxide as soon as the powerflushing process begins, whilst retaining the concentration of the chemical used to break the magnetite down. - Therefore increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the powerflushing process further.

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